Vitality Books is based on the concept that there is enormous power in the arena of human emotions, and that when the right material is combined with that energy through the parent-child bond, remarkable things can happen.  A key ingredient is for the parent to express genuine emotions through a positive belief system.  The effects of that communication then occur at a base level of awareness.

The core element to health and well-being --- vitality --- is naturally present and plentiful in children.  It is the unbridled enthusiasm witnessed on a playground at recess.  Imagine if just a part of that vitality could directed at promoting health and well-being!

The robustness of that vitality seems to erode with time.  As thinking skills advance, doubts and worries can set in, giving rise to feelings of vulnerability.  When thoughts or ideas generate fear-based emotions, vitality is depleted.  The goal of Vitality Books is to instill a positive belief system --- producing a corresponding emotional set --- which will stimulate and fortify the child's innate vitality.

It is important to understand that this is a different kind of learning, occurring at an emotional level.  It is communicated more in presence and tone than words.  Through the parents' storytelling, the child can feel the struggle of the story, recognize the challenges present, and learn to trust their natural capacity to prevail.  Using emotions as the primary medium, and the parent-child bond as the conduit, the child's vitality can become an essential weapon against any challenge encountered.

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