Vitality Books

Dr. David Bohline has been working in the field of psychology for over thirty years.  His comments:

"In the complex field of human behavior, there seems very little which can be agreed upon, and actually quite a bit which is downright contentious.  (As a profession, psychologists are known for circling their wagons, then shooting inward.) 

"One rare point of consensus is the recognition that a person’s belief system has a deciding influence on what happens in their life.  It can be as empowering as it can be disabling.  In therapy, my main focus is on helping others address issues related to their belief systems.


"Childrens' belief systems are in the early stages of forming.  As such, they are ideally situated to be equipped with world views which are factually accurate and personally empowering. 

"Kids must be given all relevant information --- and then expected --- to be self-sufficient problem-solvers.  While children should receive help when they need it, the most vital part of that help is the knowledge and confidence to help themselves. 


"Vitality Books was created to assist parents with achieving this goal."

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