A children's book about asthma was chosen as the starting point for Vitality Books for several reasons, foremost among these being need.

In America alone, the number of asthmatic children is at six million and climbing.  Fortunately, this serious and most common of childhood maladies has some very effective treatments. 

The goals of Vitality Books are twofold:

1) Provide children and their parents with a working knowledge of specific medical conditions, and

2) Instill a positive mind-set to alleviate fear and manage those condition(s) more successfully.
If medical interventions become necessary, they will be more effective with that basic knowledge and the empowering, positive belief system. 

Alfie in the Media

Alfie's Attack!  is receiving very favorable reviews:


  • Helyna Kretske, RN, provides home services in Flathead Country             for the Montana Asthma Home Visiting Program.  On June 25, 2015,           she wrote: "I love your book and know that my clients will too.                     Thank you for being such an inspired advocate for children with                   asthma."
  • North County Times newspaper reporter Jim   Trageser titled his review "Children's book on asthma has winning charm."   Read the entire review at NCTimes.com, type in Alfie's Attack.
  • Breathin' Stephen: "Well-written ... wonderfully illustrated"
  • Life With These Lungs: "Kids will identify with (Alfie) and feel more confident"
  • Perfect imperfection: "My daughter can't wait to decorate her inhaler with the free Alfie stickers"


Sticker Power

When requested, a strip of stickers featuring various characters and scenes from the book will be included with your order. The stickers help to personalize and decorate your child's inhaler, and also to serve as a reminder of how their knowledge of asthma and confidence in dealing with it are great assets during an asthma attack.

Visit Alfie's website at  AlfiesAttack.com

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